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Red Bottom Shoes

red bottom shoes

What are red bottom shoes? Red bottom shoes as the name implies have red soles on them. Red bottom shoes are high heeled shoes that make women look classy, fierce and sexy all at the same time. Their unique and diverse styles, colors, and designs make them perfect for any occasion. High heeled shoes make women more attractive. It helps boost women’s confidence by improving her height and elevation. High heeled shoes emphasize women’s curves by placing them at the right place by changing their posture and pushing their chest forward and pushing their waistline back. Also, heels make women slimmer by proportioning it to women’s body making their legs look longer. High heeled shoes makes a statement on who you are. It helps intimidate other people of your class and type of style. Another benefit that high heeled shoes bring to women is that their legs would appear as if they have been working out since the calf contracts and adjusts to the angle that women keep their feet in and heels make them shorten and tighten giving their legs that worked out look. Christian Louboutin is the one who made red bottom shoes come to life. It was by mere accident that these brilliant shoes were formed. When Christian had finished making a shoe, he felt that it was lacking something and the girl he was working with was painting her fingernails with red polish so he hatched a brilliant idea and painted the sole of the shoe red making it his very own trademark.

Oprah Winfrey called Christian’s footwear “little pieces of sculpture.” People instantly agreed with Oprah claiming that Christian’s red bottom shoes were art for the feet. Oprah had discovered these little pieces of sculpture when she was with Tina Turner in her dressing room. Oprah found out that Tina was using this gorgeous red bottomed shoe then she asked her what brand it carried and Tina quickly said “Louboutin.” Red bottom shoes are designer heels that most actresses use. Actresses such as Oprah Winfrey, Tina Turner, Jessica Simpson, and many more that are rich and use these types of shoes and psychologically, women would also want to have the same style of shoe.

Red bottom shoes are very popular to women in general. The reason behind this is that they allow women to make a bold statement and allow them to look their best. Red bottom shoes also make women look as if they have longer legs and make them feel sexy and beautiful. Red bottom shoes come with a variety of styles making it distinct and more popular among other shoe types. The heel of this type of shoe is a stiletto type heel which adds length and gives you a sexy silhouette and it can enhance your figure.There are a lot of red bottom shoes that is offered in the market. When you purchase the best you receive the best quality of footwear. Comfort is a big factor that designers have considered and when buying shoes of high quality, high quality comfort would be felt. Christian Louboutin’s designer shoes are becoming even more popular among everyday women who are willing to spend $500-$1,500 a pair. Red bottom shoe prices vary from design and functionality. Buying a more expensive pair of shoe would most certainly give you a higher assurance not only in quality but also in comfort. There are a lot of high end shoe stores that sell these red bottom shoes the price ranges may be high but it would be reasonable because of the benefits that you would receive from having these types of shoes. There are also a lot of promos that are offered by stores worldwide you just have to have your eyes opened and your mind alert because once a promo has been started almost all women would line up to purchase that shoe in promo. Jimmy Choo red bottom shoes have long been noticed by almost all women across the world. The design, style and the fit of every piece of Jimmy Choo footwear wear crafted for women to feel comfort and helps allow the feet to breathe and remain comfortable for the whole day. Jimmy Choo heels also have a wide variety of designer styles such as flats, boots, sandals, pumps, wedges, and platforms. All Jimmy Choo designed shoes are not only functional but elegant and classy as well. Shoes that make bold statements such as “look at me”, “admire me,” etc… Almost all people are inclined to want better things in life and for women, having great designer footwear is one criteria they have for having a good life. Jimmy Choo shoes possess elegance that is unquestionably unique with every pair. A wide variety of designs are offered with their corresponding uses and functionality without taking out the comfortable feeling of the feet. Manolo Blahnik is a known designer who helps women enhance their personality by the footwear they wear. Manolo Blahnik footwear has been crafted using the highest quality of materials and designs are brilliant and eye-catchy. Women who wear Manolo Blahnik footwear feel comfort, assurance and confidence. Hollywood’s leading personalities are often times encountered wearing Manolo Blahnik designer shoes. These particular shoes offer charming looks and provide high reputation for the women who wear them. It helps enhance and emphasize the beauty of its wearer.

Nowadays, fashion has been a big factor for individuals. To women, fashion is a significant aspect of their daily life which they can’t afford to waste. Every single day women feel the need to be fashionable. Whether going shopping in a mall, going on a date, having a stroll in the park, and everywhere that women go fashion is always considered. Women always feel the need to feel beautiful and sexy and designer shoes help them accomplish that feeling.

Red bottom shoes is the most popular footwear nowadays since it has been regarded as the style and elegance that is associated with the proper elevation and height that is needed by most women. Red bottom shoes have become a need for almost all high fashioned women. These type of shoes provides elegance, class, confidence, and reputation whether you are walking in the mall, strolling the park, going to work, or even while sitting down. Red bottom shoes comes in a wide variety whether you prefer an open toed wedge, patent leather pointed toe, pumps and many more, there are surely a lot of designs that would fit you and your personality.

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